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Chapter 1

The year was now 2012. And everything about Henry had faded into a distant memory.

After Draculaura's Sweet 1600, the weekend went by creepily slow, as Valentine worked as hard as he could to get that retched smell out of his clothes and more importantly, off of himself. His mother was furious when he arrived home as he dripped god-knows-what on her 13th century rug in the foyer. She shuffled in and hooped and hollered about the mess and the smell and the fact he hadn't cleaned up after his pet bats. He rolled his eyes and without a word stalked past her nagging to the sanctuary of his own bedroom.

He just wasn't in the mood to deal with her screeching and felt that he could put off the lecture of 'you have to listen and obey your mother' as he slammed and locked his bedroom door. With a sigh, the vampire headed for the bathroom and glanced at himself in the vampire-proof mirror. He stared at his wide-eyed glare for what felt like ages before finally bringing himself to just break the damn thing with a single punch. He turned on the hot bathwater as he then proceeded to shed his clothes. He shuddered as he tossed the clothes into the empty laundry basket. They smelled like something terrible and Valentine almost started to feel sick from the noxious fumes they were beginning to give off.

When the tub was finally full, he turned off the knob, now welcoming absolute silence. He climbed into the water and instantly felt relaxed. He gave out a sigh of relief, but within minutes, his mother's yelling could be heard outside the bedroom door. With an aggravated groan, he slipped down under the water. His eyes shut, he kept perfectly still and silent and just absorbed how wonderful it felt. The world felt like it had just stopped turning and he was surrounded in complete nothingness. This was the true definition of serenity and to think it was found in a bathtub. Small bubbles escaped his nose, the serenity had to end at some point and he came up for air only to be met by his mother's continual nagging and dripping of water as some of it sloshed onto the tile floor.

"You are in so much trouble when you get out of there, mister!" The harpy of a mother shrieked. Valentine had quite enough of that.

"Mom, shut up! I had a horrible day! Can you just leave me alone for like, two seconds!" he screamed back. She gasped loudly only leading into a longer and louder ramble being shot from her mouth. He growled before ducking back under the water to his happy place.

'Honestly, when I turned her into a vampire, I had hoped she wouldn't be such a nag anymore.' He thought as he thought of when he had turned her. Before she was a vampire, she was still kind of a pain, but not this bad. When he was 17, he had been kidnapped. When he called for help, it was a vampire who answered the call. Sure, he killed his abductor, but he turned his sights to young Valentine. He drained him to the point of death and made the poor boy drink the vampire's own blood. It was then that he turned. When Valentine demanded an explanation from him, he said something about the necessity of immortalizing Valentine's natural beauty. He had watched the young man for months and had an attraction for him. It was that night, he decided to descend upon him and make him into a vampire.

He taught the boy all the important things, drinking blood, staying out of sunlight, sleeping in coffins, and being wary of garlic and crucifixes. It was over a few years that he learned of his ability to hypnotize people and bend them to his will. His specialty with his brainwashing ability, of course, is to make others fall in love with him until the spell wears off and they become incapable of any kind of love for eternity.

He was told that he will never grow old, heal all wounds, never get sick, and that he will never die. It was then that he thought of his mother. He loved her, despite what a nag she could be. Valentine put the thought of turning her aside…that is until she got sick. She contracted a terminal cancer and she had merely a week or so to live. It was then that he turned her. As grateful as she was that her son gave her eternal life, however, he would now have to live an eternal life of listening to her constant badgering and complaining.

'God, I should've just let it alone and let the fates take her.' He thought.

Finally, he came up for air and to his surprise it had grown quiet. He smiled at the silence above the water and washed his hair in the now rather mucky water. After washing up, he drained the water and climbed out of the tub.

He sniffed and discovered that he still smelled awful, so Valentine turned the bath back on and repeated the process all over again, and again, and again, and again, and again until finally, the smell disappeared and he was completely clean.

Took up most of the day and most of the night, but the smell was gone. After fixing the washed out color in his hair and bringing back the natural sheen and fluffly texture, he crawled into his coffin and slept until Monday morning.

Monday finally came as his bat alarm screeched at him. Valentine groaned and pulled the comforter tightly over his head inside the coffin, trying to muffle the noise. He slid the lid aside and shot a hand out, smacking the alarm to shut it off. He quickly retreated back into the little black polished, pine box, shutting the lid and curling up under the covers. His cumulous cloud posse had left him alone until now.

"Valentine, you need to get up, man." The tall one said knocking on the lid.

"Come on you lazy, bones." The middle one said, pushing the lid completely off. The larger one yanked the comforter off of the sleepy vampire. A sudden chill took over him as he was now only covered by his favorite pair of black silk boxer briefs. The shimmer of the single rose on the left leg glistened in the light his posse had lit in his room. He sat up grumpily and climbed out. He threw on a black, red trimmed robe and headed out of the room to get his blood coffee fix. He was only so lethargic because he hadn't a chance to feed all weekend.

He brewed himself a cup and dowsed in a few of the blood packets from the fridge. Within that first gulp, Valentine already felt a thousand times better. The pink color had returned to his face and his bright, pink eyes glowed. Now full of the energy he needed, he quickly headed back to his bedroom to get dressed.

He had decided on one of his red waistcoats, white lace dress shirt, black skinny jeans, black, red-trimmed tailcoat, embroidered with a few roses, as is his signature, and his reaper boots. It had been awhile since he had last worn the reapers. The buckles gleamed as if they had never been worn. As he checked himself out in the vanity vampire-proof mirror, the cloud posse complimented his look.

"Very cool, man." Said the tall one.

"Ice cold, Valentino." Said the middle one.

"Old world meets modern punk." The fat one added.

Valentine finished his morning routine, applied his special vampire sunscreen of SPF 10,000 and brushed his hair and teeth before heading out to the main foyer.

No sight of his mother. He briskly walked out the door and locked it behind him. He grinned ear to ear as he saw that his custom black and red 67' Vampala was completely clean. Riding it home from Draculaura's Sweet 1600, the seats were covered in that smelly goop, but now not a speck of grime could be seen. Valentine guessed that his mother had it cleaned. He ran out to the car and leaped over the driver side door.

'I knew that woman would be worth keeping around.' he thought as he started the car. He then noticed a note taped to the rear-view mirror.

"Got it cleaned. Hopefully you'll remember to clean up the bat guana in the drawing room. Love, mom"

Valentine chuckled and shook his head, putting on his favorite designer shades. Seeing that his car was smell free and completely spotless he HAD to clean the drawing room, now.

He backed out the car and sped off for Monster High. Hopefully, Draculaura or her big furry boyfriend wouldn't dish it out on him for good measure.
'She'll probably have him beat me to a bloody pulp. Or perhaps, she'll see to it that my reputation is tarnished even further.' He thought. He didn't smell unbearable any more thanks to his incu-body spray and he was still drop-dead sexy. No amount of goo from the bog of eternal body odor could ever change that.

He eventually pulled up to the school and grabbed a parking spot right in front…after knocking over a student's moped that had occupied the spot Valentine just now claimed. He climbed out of the car and locked it up. As he headed for the main doors, he got mixed reactions. Most of the ladies seemed to still be smitten for him, some surprised he was even still going there, and the small percentage turned up their noses and retreated as if he'll forever stink to them.

He continued down the hall with his normal swagger until he reached his locker. No sign of Draculaura yet. With a snap of his fingers, pink sparks shot from his fingers and the metal locker door opened effortlessly. Valentine chuckled at his own amazing powers he had forgotten were granted to him through a potion, and took a hold of one of his leather-bound notebooks. Just as he was rummaging through his locker for his clawculus book, the bell rang.

Valentine groaned. He knew he would probably be late for class. Once he found his book, he smiled and shut his locker door. Then he heard a loud, "Look out!" Suddenly, before he had any time to react, a student smacked right into him, knocking the both of them to the ground.

Valentine growled as he got onto his feet and picked up his textbook and notebook as well as the other kid's book. Valentine turned to look down at the kid who looked to him to be one of the geekiest looking members of the student body he had ever seen. The poor boy was looking around for his glasses as Valentine rolled his eyes and crossed his arms impatiently waiting for an apology, which came almost instantly.

"I'm so sorry. I was trying not to be late for Mad Science class. Guess that plan back fired." The boy said pushing on his glasses.

"Here's your book." Valentine extended it to him nonchalantly and almost in a cold tone. The boy looked up at him with an innocent look. Valentine nearly dropped the book he was holding as he was taken aback by the boy's appearance. That face, that hair, and those shimmering blue eyes were all too familiar to him. Valentine quickly helped the boy stand on his feet.

"Thanks." The boy said, taking his book with a smile. Another shock ran through Valentine's body. That smile. It was one he had seen so many times before. A million memories came flooding into Valentine's mind at once of Henry smiling at him as this young man did right now. Valentine couldn't help but give him a smooth smile back.
The boy started to walk past him down the hall to his class before Valentine called to him.

"Wait, what's your name?" he asked.

"Jackson. Jackson Jekyll." He answered before disappearing around the corner. Valentine stood there in the empty hall, speechless.

He had just run into Henry's descendant. He looked and acted just like him in everyway that nearly moved Valentine to tears. It had been nearly a hundred years since he had last thought about Dr. Henry Jekyll. Why hadn't he run into this kid before? He wouldn't have worried at all about chasing Draculaura had he known Henry's great grandson was at Monster High. He had found something so much more valuable to him than some vampire chick's heart that was for sure.

There were only a few questions left on Valentine's mind. Why hadn't Henry told him he had children, why was this kid attending Monster High, and how could he win Jackson's heart without breaking it?
To be continued...
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